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VITRUVE encoder
VITRUVE encoder
VITRUVE encoder
VITRUVE encoder
VITRUVE encoder
VITRUVE encoder
VITRUVE encoder
VITRUVE encoder
VITRUVE encoder
VITRUVE encoder

    VITRUVE encoder

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      What's included?

      Vitruve Encoder
      Velcro Strap
      Neoprene Bag
      USB micro-B
      Vitruve Athlete App

      Elevate performance, optimize training, and embrace a new era of excellence. Try it now and experience the future of athletic training!

      Autoregulate Load
      With our system, you can easily set and customize minimum and maximum velocity targets tailored to your unique ability.
      Instant Feedback
      Clear audio and visual cues accompany every repetition, providing real-time feedback to guide and motivate and meet your goals.
      Easy to use
      Experience the efficiency of our clean and uncomplicated app, designed to eliminate time wasted on learning and explaining complex systems.


      Vitruve Teams App

      Achieve maximum impact by training with optimal loads for each athlete. Give them the personalized coaching experience they crave.

      Never miss reps
      Gold Standard LPT for Velocity-Based Training.
      Dynamic Engagement Booster
      Double engagement and motivation with a real-time leaderboard and daily competition.
      360° athlete performance view
      Track health, mood and training on one platform.
      Elevate Training to New Heights
      Transform training with real-time feedback and efficient optimization.


      We've got a plan that is perfect for you


      Which Plan is suitable for me?

      If you're a solo trainer seeking personalized training and tracking, the Vitruve Athlete app is perfect for you. For coaches who train with multiple athletes and want to improve performance, customize training programs and take training to the next level, the Vitruve Teams app is the ideal choice.

      How long does it take to ship my order?

      We ship FREE internationally for purchases greater than $150. We ship worldwide and it usually takes 2 to 4 business days to arrive.

      What is the warranty?

      You have 30 days free return so you can test the unit and if it is not for you, you can just return it. Also you will have a 3 year warranty if something goes wrong.

      What is the insurance?

      Insurance is only available in the ELITE and PROFESSIONAL plans. Unlike the warranty that comes with any plan, which only covers factory defects, the insurance is a full coverage against breakage from any cause. As long as you have an active subscription, we will replace your encoders with new ones no matter what happens to them.

      What is the Athletes Security?

      It is a feature that protects sensitive parts of the app. You can configure the app with a security pin for the screens you don't want your athletes to access.

      What is Automatic Weight Suggestion?

      This is a complementary functionality to the velocity zones. Basically, for each athlete, it will tell you what weight to place on the bar to work within the range you have set for the velocity zones. This streamlines daily work, taking time away from approach sets and trial-and-error to figure out what weight to use today in the velocity zones.

      What is included in my order?

      All products that contain the Vitruve Encoder also include: Vitruve encoder, Neoprene bag Velcro Strap, USB Charger, and the Vitruve Athlete App

      Is it compatible with iOS and Android?

      The Vitruve Athlete app is compatible with Android and iOS. The minimum version for Android is 6.0 and the minimum version for iOS is 12.1. However, the Vitruve Teams app is only compatible with iOS.

      Is the system valid and reliable?

      Our Vitruve linear-position transducer has undergone extensive scientific research and development, using gold-standard biomechanical lab equipment to rigorously test and fine-tune our algorithms. As a result, all our modules boast exceptional levels of validity, reliability, and accuracy.

      Can I use Vitruve offline?

      Yes, you can use both our Vitruve Athlete App and Vitruve Teams App in both Online and Offline Mode. Whether you have an internet connection or not, you can still access and utilize the app's features and functionalities. This allows you to seamlessly continue tracking your progress, viewing training programs, and managing your team's activities even when you are offline. Once you regain an internet connection, any data recorded in Offline Mode will sync with the server to ensure your information is up to date across all your devices. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of using Vitruve wherever and whenever you need it.

      Can multiple sensors be used simultaneously with the same host device to collect data?

      Certainly! Our system allows you to use up to 3 encoders simultaneously with a single iPad. This means you can collect data from multiple sensors at the same time, enhancing your data-gathering capabilities. Additionally, if you have multiple iPads, you can synchronize them to share the same session, enabling efficient collaboration and data management across devices.

      Can I measure an exercise if it’s not available by default?

      Certainly! Our app provides a wide range of standard scientific valid exercises as a foundation. However, we understand that each individual's fitness journey is unique, so we have also incorporated the option for personalization. With our app, you have the flexibility to customize your workouts and even add new exercises to tailor the experience to your specific needs and preferences.



      Make your athletes faster, stronger and more powerful than ever
      Case Study from Justin Ochoa

      Improvements over time from a basketball player in trap bar deadlift exercise. After 5 months, he can lift the same weight much faster, almost 50% faster! We don't need to know the daily 1RM, we can ensure he's becoming stronger just by improving the velocity for the same load.


      Average set Velocity at the same prescribed load